Bare Canvas Life Drawing Group

Tuesday lunchtime at The Victoria Hotel and Tuesday evening at The Fenton, both in Leeds.

All sessions are informal and friendly. You are welcome to bring your own drawing equipment, but there are some basic items supplied. Draw from great live models, have a drink and listen to brilliant music from an eclectic playlist.

Marcia Bennett Male, Sculptor

A London based stone carver and letter cutter who uses food and all things culinary related as inspiration for sculptures.

She is also David's tutor, mentor and friend.

Johnny Sunter, Sculptor

A Yorkshire based stone carver, inspired by Brutalism, Futurism and Cubism. A fellow pupil of Marcia's and a close friend.

East Street Arts

East Street Arts was founded by Karen Watson and Jon Wakeman in 1993. Inspired by history and developments within the artist-led movement at the time, the pair developed studios within East Street Mills alongside professional support programmes for artists.

East Street Arts is dedicated to making art accessible to all. We operate on an international scale, supporting artists at all levels and stages of their careers.

McMarmilloyd Stone

Extensive stocks of carveable block including Pure Statuary, Alabasters, Soap Stones and Serpantines in addition to the more common Carrara types.

With a lovely warm welcome at their Wiltshire stone yard, sculptors should prepare to be like a kid in a sweet shop when calling in.

Nigel Owen Stone

Suppliers and workers of Alabaster, Polyphant, Limestones and Marble.

A wonderful Aladdin's cave for any sculptor, just 7 miles from Rugby, at Yelvertoft,with a showroom full of turned and worked finished stone to wet your appetite!

G. Gibson, Stone Tool Suppliers

Gibson's manufacture and sell a huge range of both Carbide tipped and firesharp chisels, with a wide choice of shapes, sizes and application types.

They also manufacture their own line of Hammers and Mallets, from Standard Masons Nylon Mallets, through to Stone Bushing Hammers.

Brilliant prices with friendly personal service.

Dinsdale's Art Supplies

Dinsdale's is a super art, craft and graphics supplies / materials retailer just off the main street in central Headingley. Comprehensive ranges of paints, brushes, markers, pens, pencils, paper, card & board is just a fraction of what Graeme sells in store.

The Northern Fringe

The Northern Fringe Gallery is a place in Barnsley, and a bowl full of ideas. They have a new venue in Barnsley and a Pop up gallery in The Ridings Centre Wakefield, displaying their interpretation of “The History of the World in 100 Objects”

A programme of exhibitions is planned for 2019 and in their inimitable style you can see these in Pontefract Library and Dean Clough Galleries Halifax

Marble Workshop, Pietrasanta, Italy

Intensive introduction to marble sculpting in courses of 1, 2 or 3 weeks. Their studio is located at Almora B&B, in 8 acres of olive groves and woodlands in the foothills of the Apuan Alps, just minutes from the historic centre of Pietrasanta.

The workshop founder and instructor, Kyle Smith, is a highly qualified artist and teacher with over 40 years of experience in marble carving and 20 years teaching summer marble carving workshops in Pietrasanta, working with students from 22 countries around the world.

Leeds Tree Services

My source of quality timber for my wood carvings, they are a small family run business who pride themselves on providing an excellent service at a minimum cost. They work in partnership with several other companies enabling them to carry out both large and small contracts with the minimum running costs and overheads.